The lightweight web development kit.

Build light and powerful web apps with the power of Vite, Vue, UnoCSS.

+200 components, composables, plugins, and layers.

Start in minutes and deploy anywhere.

Load only what you use in your app.

Fully configurable UI and design system.

Built-in localization (i18n) and bi-directionality.

Leverages tools developers enjoy.

Why Tohama?


Start developing your app in minutes, with out-of-the-box default configurations.


Use Tohama's highly customizable components, plugins and composables.


Don't like something? Create your own by using the underlying helpers and utilities.


Tohama is ready to be used as a single page app or a Nuxt app.

Seamless Integration

Use Tohama with your existing tools without environment or styling conflicts.

Extremely Light

Tohama is built to be fully tree-shakable. You only get what you use!